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     Men and women, over the age of 18 years, who are lineal descendants of men or women who settled in any of the 18 towns of the Plymouth Colony from 1620 through 1691 may be eligible for member-ship. For purposes of this Society, the term settler refers to one who lived in the Colony for at least one year, although possibly in more than one town during that time.

     The fee to join our society is $275 which includes the $25 application fee.

     Individuals who settled in one of the 18 towns of the Plymouth Colony are considered propositus ancestors for membership.  Plymouth Colony consisted of the following towns

     The list of qualifying towns does not include the settlement of Weymouth, which, in 1621 at its first settlement was known as Wessagusset.  This settlement was, in fact, its own colony and in 1630 became part of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay.








Barnstable (1638) Bridgewater (1656) Bristol (1681) Dartmouth(1652)
Duxbury (1637) Eastham (1651) Freetown (1683) Little Compton (1682)
Marshfield (1640) Middleborough (1669) Plymouth (1620) Rehoboth (1645)
Rochester (1686) Sandwich (1638) Scituate (1633) Swansea (1668)
  Taunton (1639) Yarmouth (1639)  


If you are interested in joining this society, please send an e-mail to the Genealogist General, Charleen Mullenweg, at plymouthhereditarygenealogist@gmail.com