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History of the Order


        The Order of First Families of Vermont 1609-1791 was founded at Charleston, West Virginia, in 2010 by Alexander Bannerman, Charles Owen Johnson, Esq., and Patricia Sears Wasilik.  These three people, each having a direct ancestor who settled within the bounds of present-day Vermont prior to its ratification of the Constitution of the United States on March 4, 1791, met telephonically to establish the Order of First Families of Vermont (1609-1791). Soon afterward, Mr. Johnson was appointed Organizing Governor, Mr. Bannerman was appointed Organizing Secretary and Organizing Treasurer, and Mrs. Wasilik was appointed Organizing Genealogist, each of them approving one of the otherís applications.  Upon approval of all three applications, by-laws were drafted for adoption.  The by-laws provide that the three founders be considered the Organizing Council, which was replaced by the Founding Council at its first General Membership meeting held in Vermont in October 2010.

       Each subsequent year, pursuant to the provisions of its by-laws, the Order has met in conjunction with four other New England Societies to hold an annual General Membership meeting in one or another of the six New England states.