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One of the benefits of membership is a subscription to The Lively Experiment, our magazine.  It focuses on Rhode Island history and genealogy.  Many members have enjoyed publishing articles with The Lively Experiment.  Members and prospective members may purchase all back issues by contacting the Editor.  Following is a list of articles by issue, together with cost as of November 2015:


Checks should be made payable to “OFFRI & PP.”


Individual issues - $3.00 postage-paid

Complete Volume 1 (4 issues) - $10.00 postage-paid

Complete Volume 2 (3 issues) - $8.00 postage-paid

Complete Volume 3 (2 issues) - $5.00 postage-paid

Complete Volume 4 (5 issues) - $12.00 postage-paid

Complete Volume 5 (2 issues) - $5.00 postage-paid

Complete Volume 6 (2 issues) - $5.00 postage-paid

Complete Volume 7 (1 issue) - $3.00 postage-paid

Complete Volume 8 (1 issue) - $5.00 postage-paid

Complete Set – Volumes 1-8 (20 issues) - $45.00 post-paid



Following is a list of the genealogical and other history-focused articles contained in all issues, to date:


Volume 1, No. 1

        “Probate Research: A Vital Link,” Nellie B. Mosher

        “The White Horse Tavern’s History,” The White Horse Tavern

        “Portsmouth,” Lilla M. Licht

Volume 1, No. 2

        “Samuel Gorton,” abstr. by Lilla M. Licht

        “Robert Williams,” Lilla M. Licht

Volume 1, No. 3

        “Roger Williams,” Lilla M. Licht

        “Surgeon John Greene,” Lilla M. Licht

        “Settlement of Warwick,” Lilla M. Licht

Volume 1, No. 4                                                         

        “The Rhode Island Historical Society and New Developments in Genealogy,” Maureen Taylor

        “William Arnold,” Lilla M. Licht

Volume 2, No. 1

        “Samuel Gorton, Political & Religious Leader, Founder of Warwick, RI,” Patricia W. Rice

        “Stukely Westcott,” Betty A. W. Acker

Volume 2, Nos. 2&3

        “The Other Plantation,” Col. Elmer H. Palmer

        “Herodias (Long) Hicks Gardiner Porter,” Robert L. French and Lilla M. Licht

Volume 2, No. 4

        “President John Sanford,” Lilla M. Licht

        “Settlement of Block Island,” Lilla M. Licht

        “Roger Williams Trading Post,” Lilla M. Licht

Volume 3, No. 1

        “From Rhode Island to Long Island,” Lilla M. Licht

        “Jeremy Clarke, ‘Father’ of Rhode Island Governors,” Lilla M. Licht

Volume 3, No. 2

        “Settling the Narragansett Country,” Lilla M. Licht

        “The Saga of Sara Tefft,” Ellen Liberman

        “Stukely Westcott,” Betty A.W. Acker

Volume 4, No. 1

        “Family History: The Babcock Family,” Lilla M. Licht

        “Family Research: Original Settlers of Providence Plantations,” Lilla M. Licht

        “Ancestors OnLine: A Tour of,” Stephanie Schlick

Volume 4, No. 2

        “Family History: Focus on the Bordens,” Evylene A. Camp

        “Ancestors OnLine: The Great Migration Study,” Robert C. Anderson

        “Book Review: The Folkways of Life,” Mary R. Northrop

Volume 4, No. 3

        “Family History: Focus on the Shreves,” Sue A. G. Shreve

        “Ancestral Focus: Thomas Sheriff in Detail,” Mary R. Northrop

        “Ancestors OnLine: Site Exploration: RIGenWeb,” Stephanie Schlick

        “Book Review: A Synopsis of American Colonies,” Mary R. Northrop

Volume 4, No. 4

        “Family History: Focus on Samuel Newman (Rev. Samuel Newman, Founder and First Minister of

                Rehoboth, MA, and His Church at Rumford, RI),” James Raywalt

        “Ancestors OnLine: Preserving Our Architectural Heritage,” Stephanie Schlick

        “Book Review: Where We Lived,” Mary R. Northrop

Volume 4, No. 5

        “Family Research: Slave Owners and Slaves in Early Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,”

                Mary R. Northrop

        “Ancestors OnLine: Rhode Island, the Triangle Trade and Abolition,” Stephanie Schlick

Volume 5, No. 1

        “Family Research: People Who Joined Rev. Samuel Newman at Rehoboth Plantation,” James Raywalt

        “Family History: Herodias,” Robert L. French

Volume 5, No. 2

        “Pilgrims and Puritans: From the Viewpoint of Religion,” C. Owen Johnson, Esq.

Volume 6, No. 1

        “Family Research: Thomas & Rebecca Cornell of MA, RI and NY, and Some of Their Descendants,”

                James Raywalt

        “Family Research:  RI Ancestry of Eleven American Presidents,” Mary Ruth Northrop and James


        “Book Review: Killed Strangely – A Must-Read,” James Raywalt

Volume 6, No. 2

        “Nathanael Greene: Rhode Island’s Forgotten Hero,” Dennis Conrad

        “Family Research:  The Family of Nathanael Greene,” Stephanie A. Schlick

        “Family Research:  Catherine Littlefield Greene,” Stephanie A. Schlick

        “Research Assistance:  Using the Gregorian Calendar,” James Raywalt

        “Rhode Island Wills:  Robert Carr, Sr.”

Volume 7, No. 1

        “From RI to NY:  William Northup, Ann Slocum and Their Descendants,” Stephanie Schlick

        “Research Assistance:  War of 1812 Records for Northup and Variant Spellings”

        “Rhode Island Wills:  Stephen Northup (son of William and Ann (Slocum) Northup)”

Volume 8, No. 1

        “Newport Land Agreement, 10 March 1656/7”

        “Ralph and Joan (Savage) Earle of Newport and Portsmouth: Their Ancestry and Some of Their

                Descendants,” Alexander Bannerman

        “Some Notable American Descendants of Ralph Earle and Joan Savage,” Alexander Bannerman



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