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  President General   Nicki Peak Birch, CG
  1st Vice President  General   Tim Mabee
  2nd Vice President  General   Melissa Fischer
  Secretary General   Marsha Lee Hausechild Masone
  Treasurer General   Sandra "Sandi" Esty
  Registrar General   Sumner Gary Hunnewell
  Chaplain General   Daryl Masone
  Historian General   Laura Ann Kearney Schenk
Newsletter Editor    Verne Allen Gray
Webmaster   Sumner Gary Hunnewell

Honorary Presidents General

The Rt. Rev. Robert Todd Giffin 2003-07

The Rev. Dr. Dixon A. Barr 2007-09

Karen Avery Miller 2009-11

Kimberly Kay Ormsby Nagy, MD 2011-13

Timothy Christopher Finton, Esq. 2013-15

LTC Lawrence King Casey, Jr (AUS-Ret) 2015-17

Janet Lewis Downing 2017-19

Sumner Gary Hunnewell, Jr. 2019-21

Our Annual Meeting.....

                Will be at 3 p.m., April 11, 2023, at The Army and Navy Club, Washington, D.C.