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  President General   Janet " Jan" Downing
  First Vice President  General   Laura Dean Ramsay
  Second Vice President  General   Christy "Cricket" Crigler
  Secretary General   Lucy Nicol Peak "Nicki" Birch
  Treasurer General   Douglass Mather "Tim" Mabee
  Registrar General   Donna Dunbar Hoffmann
  Chaplain General   Victor Charles Metta
  Historian General   Sumner Hunnewell
Newsletter    Verne Allen Gray
Webmaster   Cherry E. Walker


Left to Right

Sumner Hunnewell - Historian, Victor Metta - Chaplain, Donna Hoffmann- Registrar, Tim Mabee - Treasurer,

Lucy "Nicki"  Birch - Secretary, Laura Ramsay - 1st VP, Jan Downing - President,

Kim Nagy - Honorary President General, Larry Casey -Honorary President General


Our Annual Meeting.....

                Will be 10 April 2018 in Washington, DC.  Call to meeting