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The following settlements comprised the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay before the year 1650:      


  Andover 1634 Boston 1630 Braintree 1635 Cambridge 1632  


Charlestown 1629

Concord 1635

Dedham 1636

Dorchester 1630



Gloucester 1642

Haverhill 1641

Hingham 1634

Hull 1630



Ipswich 1633

Lynn 1632

Lancaster 1643

Malden 1649



Manchester 1645

Marblehead 1630

Medford 1630

Newbury 1635



Reading 1642

Rowley 1639

Roxbury 1630

Salem 1626



Salisbury 1640

Springfield 1636

Sudbury 1639

Topsfield 1648



Watertown 1630

Wenham 1643

Weymouth from 1622

Woburn 1647







In addition, the following New Hampshire settlements qualify:






Dover 1623, settlement of John Tuttle



Exeter 1638, settlement of Rev. John Wheelwright 



 Hampton 1638, settlement of Rev. Stephen Batchelder


Portsmouth (Strawberry Banke) 1630, Leadership of Capt. Walker Neal


   Men and women, over the age of 18 years, who are lineal descendants of men or women who settled within the bounds of the Massachusetts Bay Colony before the year 1650 may be eligible for membership. For purposes of this Order, the term ?settler? refers to one who lived in the Colony for at least one year, although possibly in more than one town during that time.






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